Pet Wellness Care

Keeping your pet healthy is far better than treating illnesses. That’s why we are passionate about wellness care.

Trusted Partner in Pet Wellness Care in Corvallis, OR

At Hello Vet Pet Wellness Center ,we believe that a healthy pet is a happy pet. Join us in providing your furry friend with the best possible care.

A veterinarian petting a dog

Why Choose Hello Vet?

Wellness care includes annual or bi-annual exams, vaccines, annual lab work, and annual parasite screening. With these screening exams and diagnostics, we have a better chance of detecting problems early. And early detection often means better outcomes and a higher quality of life, which means more camping trips with Fido!

Quick Care Wellness exams

At Hello Vet Pet Wellness Center, we are making pet wellness care convenient. We know that if it is convenient, you are more likely able to fit it into your already busy schedule. We have created an open-concept wellness center offering Quick Care Wellness exams to do this. Gone are the days of spending two hours at the veterinary clinic when you were supposed to be back at work or home with your family.

Of course, if you prefer a longer appointment, we’ve covered you in our Focused Care Rooms.

Our Commitment to Pet Wellness Care

Regular Check-ups

Routine wellness exams are the cornerstone of a healthy pet. We perform thorough physical examinations, provide vaccinations, and discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Nutritional Guidance

A balanced diet is crucial for your pet’s health. Our veterinary experts can recommend personalized nutrition plans to suit your pet’s age, breed, and lifestyle.

Dental Care

Oral health is vital. We offer dental cleanings and can guide at-home dental care to keep your pet’s teeth and gums in top shape.

Emergency Services

Accidents and illnesses can happen at any time. Our clinic is equipped to handle emergencies during business hours.

Parasite Prevention

Protect your pet from harmful parasites with our parasite prevention programs, including flea and tick control and heartworm prevention.

Behavioral Consultations

Behavioral issues can be challenging. We offer consultations to address problems like anxiety, aggression, or unwanted habits and provide effective solutions.