At Hello Vet for Pets, we’re not just another veterinary clinic. We’re your neighbors, Drs. Jason and Sheena Christensen, and we proudly call Corvallis home. Our mission is simple: providing top-notch pet care and building a strong, united community of fellow pet enthusiasts right here in our town. 

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Pet Care with a Purpose: 

Dr. Sheena Christensen proudly serves on both the board of directors for Heartland Humane Shelter and Care as well as the board of directors for the International Spay Neuter Network.  

Drs. Jason and Sheena have been volunteering with the International Spay Network conducting spay and neuter clinics across Jamaica. After opening Hello Vet, they were excited to share the joy with other Hello Vet team members and have been able to bring a crew from Hello Vet to both the 2022 and 2023 spay and neuter clinics.  

The most recent Spay Neuter Clinic in Negril, Jamaica 

International Spay Neuter Network, made up of an all volunteer team, was able to spay and neuter 217 dogs and cats as well as perform a much needed limb amputation for a special patient. While the work was sweaty and the days were long, the difference that was made was so rewarding.