Top 5 Pet Friendly Restaurants In and Around Corvallis, Oregon

You love your dog and you love a good meal. So where can you find the best of both worlds? Being veterinarians and foodies ourselves, we set out to find the best pet-friendly restaurants/microbreweries in and around Corvallis, Oregon.

Let’s get right into it!

Here are our favorite places in and around Corvallis, Oregon:

1. The Barn at Hickory Station

A food truck mecca and micro-brew dream. The Barn tops our list for a multitude of reasons. With multiple food trucks, you can find just about any type of food to satisfy your cravings. To make a good thing better, they have a mega list of local micro-brews. And this is the Pacific Northwest, so when we say mega-list, we mean mega. Coming this summer there will be live music and outdoor games. So, bring your canine companion and enjoy one of the coolest destinations in the area. Check it out here!

2. Block 15 Taproom

​If you have spent more than 4 minutes in Corvallis, you are probably familiar with Block 15 and their great beers, burgers, and fries (oh those fries!). But were you aware that their taproom south of town has an outdoor patio complete with heaters and a fire pit? Talk about ambiance. Bring your pup and enjoy some fresh micro-brews with your friends.  Check it out here!

3. Cascade BBQ

​If you need your barbecue fix, you’re in luck. Cascade BBQ has a great outdoor patio where you can enjoy a large plate of your favorite meat soaked in their delicious barbecue sauce. I’m just not sure how you are going to prevent your dog from stealing your dinner. Check it out here!

4. Flat Tail Brewing

With a huge menu and a great downtown Corvallis location, Flat Tail Brewing makes a great dog-friendly destination. I mean the menu is huge. My personal recommendation is the Hummus Platter. It is seriously delish’. So, after taking your pooch on a great walk on the Corvallis downtown trail, be sure to make a quick stop at Flat Tail to fill up. Check it our here!

5. Rogue Farms

​If you are in Corvallis, this location is going to be a little bit of a drive, but totally worth it! The menu is limited, but what it lacks in culinary options it makes up for in outdoor space. The Rogue farm is where the Rogue operation grows their hops as well as other crops including berries (which you can u-pick at this location). There are picnic tables and outdoor games. Even a few pigs that call Rogue Farm home. It is one of the areas coolest summer destinations. Check it out here!

​So that’s our list! 

​We want to hear from you! If you take your pet to one of these awesome locations, snap a quick pic at the location and tag us in it [@hellovet4pets].