Flea Control in Winter

Do I need flea control during the winter months?

We get asked this question all of the time. I’m talking daily. Every day we have someone ask us if they really need to have their dog or cat on flea control in the winter. 

I mean it’s the Pacific Northwest, so it gets cold. Don’t those pesky things disappear during January?

The short answer to do we recommend flea control in the winter is YES! Yes, yes, yes. And here’s why: fleas don’t die in the cold. 

When it is warm enough outside, those awful critters can reproduce like, well, like fleas. I would say like rabbits, but they are much faster at it than rabbits. When temperatures cool off, they don’t die, they just slow down their reproduction process.​So you may see fewer of them, but that is just because their babies are waiting out the cool weather in their cocoon phase. As soon as it warms, you have an infestation on your hands. And no one wants a flea infestation.

What does this all mean? Stay on your flea preventative during the winter months. While you may save some moola skipping December, January, and February, you are going to pay the price (both monetarily and mentally) come March.

Curious about what we recommend for flea control?

First, stop buying flea bombs and flea baths. They will kill adult fleas, but soon new ones will hatch and you will continue to have a flea problem. You are spending money on products that won’t solve your problem. The key if you already have a problem is to vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, and find a great long lasting treatment.

For canines it is hands down Bravecto. Hands down. It is especially great for dogs with Flea Allergy Dermatitis. A simple chewable tablet that lasts for 90 days. What?!?  Yeah, 90 days.

​For felines we recommend Revolution. Revolution is really a one stop shop for kitties, covering fleas, heartworm, many intestinal parasites, and ear mites.

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